Sheriff takes lead in Interstate shootings

Sheriff's Office
Sgt. Charles Mulligan with the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office has informed Historic City News that after coordinated discussions with The Florida Highway Patrol, the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office will take the lead investigative position in last nights Interstate shooting incidents.

One driver told investigators at the scene that he was southbound near the CR 214 overpass when saw gas spraying out of the side of a tanker in his rear-view mirror. He said he saw headlights in the woods shortly before the shooting occurred.

Another trucker who said that he heard a loud bang, discovered a bullet hole in his door after pulling over at a rest stop.

A third trucker pulled over with engine trouble and found that his oil pan had a bullet hole in it.

A St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office helicopter was employed to search the area — looking for whoever was firing the shots, however, no suspects have been identified.

There will be increased patrols from both Sheriff’s Deputies, as well as state law enforcement officers according to Mulligan.

Photo credit: Historic City Media news photographer Kerry McGuire