Sheriffs endorse Miner for commissioner

Mark Miner
In a video endorsement received by Historic City News this morning, Sheriff David Shoar and former Sheriff Neil Perry made public endorsements of county commissioner candidate Mark Miner who is running for election against current commissioner Ben Rich for the District 3 seat.

County Commissioner Ron Sanchez, who does not stand for re-election for two more years, was quoted in a letter to a local newspaper as saying “Ben Rich may not always be politically correct but I know he is always thinking of you when he votes.”

The editorial board of The Record and Historic City News have each taken an opposing view believing that civility, respect and maturity have been lacking in Rich’s performance in the past four years and that abusive behavior of the public is just as important – if not MORE so – than any issue upon which he casts his one of five votes.

The video can be viewed at this link.

Photo credit: contributed photo from Nancy Sikes-Kline