Sikes-Kline makes bid for City Commission

Nancy Sikes-Kline
In an interview this morning with Nancy Sikes-Kline, newly announced candidate for City of St. Augustine Commission – Seat 5, we learned a little bit about the candidate’s motivation in seeking office. Nancy tells me “My motive to serve has always been the love I have for this community and the people who live in it.”

“In America, St. Augustine is one of the greatest small towns to be”, Sikes-Kline said. “It’s a jewel and a treasure and I love it with a passion.” It doesn’t take much encouragement to get her to brag on the place she and her family call “home”. Without hesitation, she told us, “I live here, and I am raising my family here.”

Sikes-Kline is “active” in every sense of the word. “I am a mother, wife, neighbor, civic leader and professional planner.” Her varied interest and full schedule are apparent, even in our brief interview. When asked how she expects her campaign to be received in St. Augustine, she told me, “People identify with me because I walk the same walk they do in everyday life and I can relate to what they are going through.”

Sikes-Kline is also an “activist” for causes that are important to her, like conservation of our historic resources. She told me, “My years of grassroots voluntarism and my dedication to building the economic vitality of the city is proof of this. I believe historic preservation is the key to keeping our town a good place to be, work and live.”

Looking forward to public service, if she is elected to this seat, Nancy says “My goal is to get elected so I can put my skills, relationships and experiences and to work in an even broader sense through civic leadership on the City Commission. I will serve with the traits I am best known for; energy, enthusiasm, caring and integrity — which are matching words to actions.”

“In all my years of being active in the community,” Sikes-Kline said, “if I have learned anything from success, it’s that the key is to listen — really listen — to people of differing interests.”