Use PRIDE to track county complaints

St. Johns County government provides an effective method for citizens to file complaints and track efforts taken by county employees to resolve those issues with PRIDE. The Public Request Inquiry Data Exchange (PRIDE) is available to anyone with Internet access and users have the option to remain anonymous.

Operationally, the “work order” application is very straight forward. A citizen initiates a complaint or report an issue by entering the information into the On-Line Request Submittal form. An incident number is assigned to the issue, and the issue is automatically routed to the appropriate County department. The receiving department begins an investigation and notates each action it is taking to resolve the issue. Citizens may track the progress of the issue by referencing the incident number. When the issue is resolved, the department marks the action as completed.

There are 80 classifications of issues that can be reported with PRIDE; including abandoned vehicles, access to public park, animal bite, animal cruelty, beach access, beach driving, beach facilities, beach safety, beach trash, bicycle lane request, boil water guidelines, building code violation, cable tv, clearing without a permit, construction debris, construction w/o permit, county vehicle complaint, customer service, dead animal pick-up, dogs barking, drainage, driveway & culvert issues, environmental development activities, fence issues, feral cats, filling on lots, fire code violation, fire hydrant, flooding – private property, garbage/yard waste collection, general mowing along county roads, guardrial repair, hazardous tree removal, home office/business activities, illegal docks/boatramps, illegal dumping, injured or sick animal, land clearing, leash law violation, level of service, lighting issues, litter along county roads, lot grading, miscellaneous, natural resource issues, no erosion control, noise complaints, overgrown lot, park maintenance, pedestrian safety, permitting – land development code, pothole repair, property use concerns, protected tree removal, pud/hoa responsibilities, records request, recreation programs, recycling, road flooded, road repair, scenic highway impact, setbacks, sidewalk repair, sidewalk request, signs, speed hump request, speeding, stray animal, street closing, street paving, street signs, structure height, traffic signals, turtle lighting, unlicensed contractor, unsafe building, utility billing issues, veterans services, washout repair, water quality, wildlife nuisance and zoning violations.

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