Arrest made in drive-by shooting

Historic City News received an update from Community Affairs Officer Barbara Clifford of the St. Augustine Police Department that an arrest was made last night in the drive-by shooting that occurred in the 30th block of Nesmith Avenue on Sunday.

A tip from guests staying at the Roadway Inn, 2800 North Ponce DeLeon Boulevard, eventually lead to the arrest when they reported overhearing people in one of the rooms threatening to shoot someone.

Officer Cory Weber smelled a strong order of burnt marijuana when he approached the room where the suspects were staying. Weber knocked on the door and identified himself as Police, according to the report.

After several minutes the three males opened the door. Weber made contact with the occupants; a 16 year-old and two 17 year-old black males. A search of the room revealed marijuana floating in the toilet bowl as well as the tank.

One of the 17 year-old suspects identified himself as Arkives Mitchell (DOB 06/17/1992). Weber recognized Mitchell’s name as one of the persons involved in Sunday’s shooting on Nesmith Avenue. Mitchell was transported to the Police Station where Detective Gary Johnson interviewed him.

A check of local records revealed that the other two juveniles had open warrants for violation of probation; they were transported to Department of Juvenile Justice.

Detective Johnson had persuaded the victim of the Nesmith Avenue shooting to cooperate. The victim was able to identify Mitchell as the shooter by name because the two have been childhood friends. Once Mitchell was in the interview room, he would not answer Detective Johnson’s questions and wanted to speak to an attorney. Mitchell was arrested and transported to the county jail for shooting into an occupied vehicle and attempted murder.