Burglars break into North Whitney residence

St. Augustine Police Officer Jessica Pedonti responded to the report of a home burglary in the 115th block of North Whitney Street that occurred sometime between Monday evening and Tuesday morning, according to a report received by Historic City News.

When the victim left his residence, he says that he locked all the doors and the gates. When he returned, he found the back sliding glass door unlocked and the cat door kicked in.

When he noticed the back gate to the fence was open, he called police.

The owner went back inside and saw the 46 inch flat screened TV valued at about $3000 and computer valued at about $1500 were missing. When he went into his bedroom, he discovered some jewelry was missing, valued at about $2000. The investigation is ongoing.

Community Affairs Officer Barbara Clifford of the St. Augustine Police Department reports that the investigation is ongoing.