Dentist is a victim of non-stop ringing phones

St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office public information officer Chuck Mulligan told Historic City News that they are investigating the harassment of a local endodontist who is the victim of repeated telephone calls to his cell phone and office.

Robert R. Thousand III, whose practice is at St. Johns Medical Park Drive, said his phones have been ringing every 30 seconds for the past 10 days. “When the phone is answered, a phone sex message plays”, said Dr. Thousand.

While his patients can still come to the office, they can’t reach Dr. Thousand if they’re having problems after surgery, or need to reschedule an appointment. “Patients haven’t been able to get through because the phone rings constantly”, Thousand said.

Mulligan said that, thus far, efforts to trace the phone calls have been unsuccessful.

One call is supposedly coming from the Virgin Islands and the next is coming from Tennessee. Thousand said, “I don’t want to change my phone number because I’ve been established at that number for 10 years.”

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