North City residence burglarized

Officer Cory Weber responded to the 10th block of Court Edna where Historic City News has learned of a reported burglary to a residence.

When the victim arrived home, she noticed her front door was unlocked.

As she entered her residence, she found someone had pulled out all of her roommate’s dresser drawers and gone through them.

When the victim went to her bedroom, she found her door unlocked and open; reporting that she always closes that door.

All of the drawers in the victim’s bedroom were opened and items were thrown on the floor.

The clothes in the closet were pushed to the side revealing a safe. The safe was attached the floor. It appeared as if someone attempted to remove the safe but could not.

The victim did not have the safe’s combination because she say’s that it does not belong to her. Therefore, it is unknown if anything was taken out of the safe.

The victim is missing $250 cash, 3 gold watches ($2500), 1 gold bracelet ($900), and 1 titanium bracelet ($600). The total amount missing is $4250.

When the victim’s roommate arrived at the house, she stated that she left the house and forgot to lock the door.

Community Affairs Officer Barbara Clifford of the St. Augustine Police Department reports that the investigation is ongoing.