Old City Web Services launches iPhone app

Old City Web Services and SAGPS Adventure Tours announced to Historic City News that they are revolutionizing the way people discover the Oldest City with the St. Augustine iPhone App.

The smart phone application features the “Shivers and Awe Tour” available on iTunes and powered by GeoQuest Technologies, Inc.

“We’re thrilled to present this application to our customers and to the general public in and around St. Augustine,” said Old City Web Services president and CEO, Chuck Nusbaum. “Our goal is always to keep the Oldest City on the leading edge of technology to the benefit of local businesses, visitors and residents alike.”

The application is available, for free, starting Wednesday, December 9th, on Apple iTunes. Developed through a partnership between local businesses Old City Web Services and SAGPS Adventure Tours, the exclusive application offers locals and visitors the ability to discover St. Augustine like never before.

The first phase of the St. Augustine App features a GPS-enabled tour of St. Augustine’s spooky side through the unique vision of the “Shivers and Awe” tour. With the help of an engaging narrator, visitors and locals alike can explore the macabre past of some of St. Augustine’s most popular destinations at their own pace.

Jeff Tabor, president of SAGPS Tours, Inc., said “I believe that residents of northeast Florida, as well as visitors to our city and local businesses will find the St. Augustine iPhone application both entertaining and user friendly.”

Old City Web Services’ Shannon O’Neil reported to Historic City News that the next phase of the application will act as an extension of St. Augustine’s leading web portal, OldCity.com. “Just as locals and visitors can find a wealth of St. Augustine information on OldCity.com, users of the application will be able to surf through listings of local restaurants, shops and attractions with detailed descriptions and contact information”, O’Neil said.

This addition to the St. Augustine App will also offer a unique opportunity to local businesses looking for new ways to reach customers. Location-based and direct-to-consumer advertising will enable local businesses to guide customers directly to their doorstep. Advances in technology, such as smart phone applications, will help local businesses increase their visibility.

Photo credit: © 2009 Historic City News staff photograph