Your driving mirrors your character

We have all heard the phrase “You are what you drive”, but, I believe the correct wording should be “You are how you drive.”

People who take unnecessary risks in life, business or relationships might also tend to be the ones taking risks on the road by passing illegally or skipping the lights at a crossing.

I think people should always concentrate on the manner in which they drive, as it says much about their character, in my opinion.

Our society is rich and diverse, with room for a variety of different personalities. Unfortunately, road safety must not accommodate individual personalities and preferences.

Road safety is a team activity where all drivers must be considerate toward one another and where our own will must sometimes make way for that of another. After all, every one wants to arrive alive at our destination!

Most instances of road rage and aggressive driving are the result of some type of inconsiderate road behavior. When drivers do not respect one another, the result is often reckless and dangerous driving behavior, where rude gestures accompany the invasion of the personal space of other road users.

Before exploding the next time you find yourself getting impatient or anxious in traffic, consider these team-driving ideals:

– Sometimes you have to stand back or restrain yourself for the good of the team. Likewise, sometimes you have to stand back or restrain yourself for the safety of other road users.

– In a team, players may make mistakes and all players have to rectify these mistakes for the good of the team. Likewise, on the road, we need to expect that other road users might also make a mistake and we need to allow them the time and opportunity to rectify that mistake.

– In a game, the transgression of the rules by one player might cost his team. Likewise, on the road it might cost the life of another road user.

And, please remember, never drink and drive!

As the festive season approaches, if you are an adult and decide to drink, give your keys to someone else. Don’t think you will be okay to drive if you only have a couple of drinks – it is truly not worth it!

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