Beekeeping program at Agricultural Museum

James D. Fiske, Historical Interpreter and Music Events Coordinator for the Florida Agricultural Museum, reported to the St. Johns County local news desk of Historic City News that beginning, Sunday, the beekeeping program will be returning to the Florida Agricultural Museum.

Fresh, local area Orange Blossom, Wild-Flower, Gallberry and Tupelo Honey will be available at the Museum on January 17th at 10:00 a.m. in the hive of the Caldwell Dairy Barn located at 7900 Old Kings Road in Palm Coast.

Fisk says that he hopes to encourage enough people to develop a “Beekeeping Club”.

“I have contacted a local beekeeper, Ruben Josey of Josey’s Honey Farm and Vice President of the Beekeepers of Putnam County organization, who will come over monthly and provide information”, Fisk said. If there is sufficient interest in beekeeping, The Museum will provide a location for the meetings.

Fisk said, “Ray Gutowski will continue working the hives here on the property and will be involved as his schedule permits.” Gutowski tends to the beehives on his off day each week.

In anticipation of new interest in beekeeping, Fisk said, “I have added a “Honey-Bee” Group to the support website along with 2 videos, 13 bee related links and discussions.”

Information included ◦Varroa Mites, ◦Colony Collapse Disorder, ◦Where to buy honeybees and supplies, ◦Unique beekeeing tools, ◦Castes: The many faces of the colony and communication of a social creature, ◦The honeybee queen, ◦Determining the size of your apiary, and ◦Is beekeeping for you?

“I will “bee” providing information, videos and links to related bee subjects. Please check them out and “beecome” a member of the website”, Fisk said. “While you are at it, please consider “becoming” a member of the Florida Agricultural Museum. Visit the Museum’s website for more information”