Hugs Across the County needs volunteers

The St. Johns County local news desk has received a call for volunteers who are interested in learning more about classroom as well as donation and fundraising opportunities to benefit St. Johns County school students in crisis situations.

Brette Reiman and Robbin Ossi have launched a new non-profit organization called Hugs Across the County – listed on Facebook under the same name. Reiman told Historic City News, “We’re hoping to recruit more classroom volunteers for the low-income schools, as well as get the word out about donation requests and fundraising events.”

According to Reiman, “Hugs Across the County” currently has twenty volunteers from Ponte Vedra Beach who provide one-on-one reading assistance, encouragement and hugs to children at Webster Elementary and Crookshank Elementary; two Title 1 schools.

“Hugs Across the County is a fast-growing group from the Ponte Vedra Beach and Northwest areas who are dedicated to helping St. Johns County school children facing poverty, neglect, abuse and even homelessness”, Reiman said.

Reiman and Ossi say their organization also donates new and gently used clothing, shoes and other personal items to students from all over the County who are in crisis situations.

To get involved with the group, visit them on Facebook or e-mail them at