LED panels may light downtown parking facility

Chief Operation Officer John Regan told the St. Augustine local news desk that at Monday night’s City Commission meeting; he will present a plan to convert high-pressure sodium lighting used in the downtown parking facility to LED panels “providing an annual energy cost savings of $103,102”.

A federal stimulus Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant may be available to the city through the Florida Energy and Climate Commission.

The LED panel conversion costs for the 1,200 parking space Historic Downtown Parking Facility at the Visitor Information Center is estimated at $300,000, but, the city would only contribute $50,000 — with the remaining $250,000 coming from the block grant, if awarded.

Regan said there are other savings and conveniences associated with LED panel technology including the ability to turn off unused zones automatically which is important when the lighting system has to be on demand and operating 24 hours a day.

Several years ago, the traffic lights in the city were upgraded to LED panels instead of bulbs that required regular replacement. If you look closely when stopped at a traffic signal, you’ll likely see an LED panel.

Photo credit: © 2010 Historic City News staff photograph