Neighboring Island businesses burglarized

St. Augustine Police reported to the local St. Augustine news desk at Historic City News that two related burglaries occurred Monday night or Tuesday morning to adjacent businesses on Anastasia Island.

According to Community Affairs Officer Barbara Clifford of the St. Augustine Police Department, Officer Walt Makowski responded to 303 Anastasia Blvd., Shipping Plus and The Cat’s Meow.

The owner of Shipping Plus told Officer Makowski that when he opened the front door of the store, he saw that the light was on in his back storage room.

When the victim went to the area behind the counter, he found someone had ransacked the area and had taken the change out of the cash register.

The business owner also noticed that the back door had been kicked in.

The only thing taken from Shipping Plus appeared to be approximately $20 in change.

The Shipping Plus storage room connects to The Cat’s Meow and the door between the businesses was left unsecured.

When entry was made to The Cat’s Meow, the owner observed the change missing out of the cash register. Nothing else was reported missing or damaged at that time.

Evidence was taken from both scenes and the investigation is ongoing.