Voices of Hope workshop this month

Historic City News local St. Augustine news desk has learned that Gathering Coaching has created a monthly event that will bring together people with inspiring stories designed to highlight the many ways through adversity.

The first VOICES OF HOPE workshop will he held on January 23, 2010 from 9:00 a.m. until 12:00 noon.

Participants will meet at the San Sebastian Winery in the Meeting Room. There will be ample free parking, according to the sponsor. The cost is $20 for an individual, or, buddy price, two guests for $35.

Florence Haridan said, “Our goal is to create a community of people who are supportive of each other and believe in being truthful with the challenges we all face.”

These events are created to help individuals who are ready for a change to hear different solutions and paths that will in turn inspire them to create their own.

Each month a new story of Hope will be shared.

Through sharing stories of Hope, we believe each of us will be strengthened and inspired to create lives that are meaningful and connected on deeper levels.

Through story telling we connect to each other’s values and lives. We feel common bonds as well as become clearer about our uniqueness.

As we tell our stories and hear those of others, we are empowered to create new ones. We are able to see our own stories in a new way and potentially are inspired to move forward in new and unexpected ways.

Monthly workshops designed to support your journey to change.

We are seeking individuals who have come through adversity, be it a death, an illness, a job loss, a personal tragedy, or a life changing event. Do you know someone who has a story to tell, and ready to share their Hope?

For more information, Haridan has established a website at www.gathernow.com

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