Woodard steps down so Thrasher can chair GOP

After Republican Party Chairman Jim Greer announced that he will be stepping down next month, the St. Johns County local news desk at Historic City News learned of the special election to select Greer’s replacement.

Last week, St. Johns County Republican State Committeeman, Jon Woodard, wrote, “I wanted to share with you some information that will be reported in the media later today.”

To the surprise of many, in an announcement received by Historic City News, Woodard, who lives in St. Augustine, said, “I volunteered to step down from my post as State Committeeman on January 5th.”

Recently elected Florida State Senator for District 8, John Thrasher of Jacksonville, is making his bid to become the next Florida Republican Party Chairman — replacing Greer.

Thrasher won the District 8 seat after the death of Senator James E. “Jim” King, Jr.; who died while in office, Sunday, July 26, 2009. The senatorial district includes parts of St. Johns, Nassau, Duval, Flagler and Volusia counties; representing a voting age population of about 310,802 — according to the 2000 Census.

However, in order for Thrasher to be qualified to run for Republican Party Chairman, he needs to be a member of the State Republican Committee.

Now came the news that Woodard will resign his elected position as State Committeeman effective January 21, 2010. Woodard wrote, “It will be an honor to nominate Senator Thrasher as my replacement at the Republican Executive Committee meeting scheduled to take place that night.”

In 2008, Woodard, who is a political consultant, was overwhelmingly re-elected as St. Johns County Republican State Committeeman. He was chosen as a delegate to the 2008 Republican National Convention, where he was selected to be one of the 57 voting members of the delegation.

“Senator Thrasher will be a great Chairman”, Woodard said. “He is a brilliant strategic thinker, and I am confident under his chairmanship, the party will be headed towards victory in the 2010 elections.”

In announcing his resignation and support for Thrasher as his replacement, Woodard said, “I consider it an honor to be in a position that allows me to help the Republican Party.”

Plans for the future after he resigns his office? Woodard wrote on his webpage, “I plan to be just as active in the GOP, and I look forward to working with each of you!”