Government closest to people governs best

Today, the Florida Association of Counties, the Florida League of Cities and the Florida School Boards Association notified Historic City News that they are collectively launching a new grassroots movement urging Tallahassee politicians to keep in mind that government closest to people, governs best.

“This coalition of local leaders is designed to empower, inform and mobilize Florida’s towns and taxpayers to protect local, grassroots decision-making,” said Michael Gold, Editor of Historic City News. “I could not support the message more.”

At the core of the new initiative, is a short, 2-minute web-video featuring dozens of local elected officials who support local decision-making on issues that affect local families.

“I will cooperate any way that I can,” Gold said. “The message is simple — what works in St. Augustine and St. Johns County may not work in Tampa and Hillsborough County; so, don’t write legislation in Tallahassee that deprives our locally elected officials the ability to govern us on issues that are inherently local.”

The Internet provides the initiative with the ability to reach the masses and empowers the taxpayers with the ability to be heard unlike any other channel of communication.

The movement is dubbed simply “” and will officially kick off at noon today by employing social networking, an e-mail campaign and the web-video to rally support for their initiative.