Three graduate – six inducted to Take Stock in Children

Historic City News congratulates three graduating seniors of the St. Johns County Education Foundation’s “Take Stock in Children” that were honored on April 21, 2011, at the Bright Beginnings Celebration.

Marketing Specialist Alaina Cordes told Historic City News local reporters that the reception, hosted at the School District’s Fullerwood Training Center, also inducted six new students for scholarship in the program.

Ashley Valdez, who is a senior at the University of North Florida, was inducted into the TSIC program in 2003 when she was a freshman at Pedro Menendez High School. She studied Public Health at UNF, and she plans to pursue a higher education at a graduate level. Valdez has earned numerous scholarships based on her excellent record of hard work and dedication toward her education.

“As new Take Stock in Children scholars you should always strive to do your very best. What you do now will impact your future,” said Valdez at Thursday night’s reception.

Dane Visser and Tekesha Williams were also honored as graduating seniors, though they were unable to be present at the evening’s event.

The reception inducted six students who will receive scholarships to attend the program. The students who were recognized were: Brianna Evans and Kelsey Howell from Pacetti Bay Middle School, Emily Gorum, Hannah Kilbride and Kyle Law from Gamble Rogers Middle School and Jennan Abduljaber from Switzerland Point Middle School.

“We congratulate each of the new inductees into the St. Johns County Education Foundation’s Take Stock in Children Program. Knowing that this is by no means and easy feat, we are confident that each will rise to the challenge and successfully complete the program,” said Marci Poston, who was the Master of Ceremonies for the reception and is the Program Coordinator at the Foundation.

Each student is awarded their scholarship based on academic and test score records, outstanding character and behavior and the standards put forth by the state office. The St. Johns County Education Foundation’s Take Stock in Children program is proud to pay tribute to these hardworking and dedicated young men and women.