Royal family attends Fromajada Serenade

Vanessa Baker reported to Historic City News that last night’s “Fromajada Serenade” was a very beautiful event held in Queen Isabella’s Garden; located at the intersection of St. George and Hypolita Streets in the historic area.

“Despite the inclement weather we had a very nice crowd,” Baker told Historic City News. “The swordfighters put on quite a show for St. Augustine’s Royal Family and our special guests.”

Baker’s daughter, Catherine, was the emcee for this year’s celebratory event.

Two new members of the royal entourage were introduced, Susan and Linden Honiker. Linden is in line to be a future Princess.

According to Baker, it started drizzling about 15 minutes into the program, but the Royals “did not flinch”.

Michelle Reyna sang the “Fromajada Serenade” and explained the impact of the arrival of the Menorcans after they fled the New Smyrna indigo plantation for St. Augustine in 1777.

Photo credits: © 2011 Historic City News contributed photograph by Vanessa Baker