Ancient City Musicale a hit for Romanza

Historic City News photojournalist Raphael Cosme reported from Lewis Auditorium at Flagler College last night as 450 years of song and dance were presented during the most recent Discover First America program sponsored by Romanza.

Four centuries of music in St Augustine were presented through musical vignettes.

Unquestionably some of the best returns on the investment of St Augustine and St Johns County residents in the 450th Commemoration have been the Discover First America presentations during the past two years — last night was no exception.

The 16th century songs of Menéndez’s day, Gregorian chants, Andalucían bagpipers, Greek dancers, 18th century Revolutionary War tavern songs, Victorian ballads, Civil Rights Movement anthems, and St Augustine’s finest contemporary musicians were featured in this musical retrospective.

Photo credits: © 2012 Historic City News contributed photograph by Raphael Cosme