Bayfront traffic will slow to upgrade crosswalks

The City of St Augustine notified Historic City News that the installation of crosswalks at two locations on Avenida Menendez will necessitate the reduction of traffic to two lanes — one for northbound traffic and one for southbound, in two locations on two different occasions in coming weeks.

The crosswalks at Fort Alley and Cuna Street, currently delineated with stamped asphalt to simulate brick, will be replaced with historic, authentic brick.

To accommodate the extensive work, Avenida Menendez will be reduced to two lanes, two way traffic for a period of four days lasting from mid-day Sunday through Wednesday evening.

At no time will Avenida Menendez be closed, but traffic will be slowed through the area during the work.

The work is scheduled for:

• Fort Alley crosswalk installation: mid-day Sunday, October 21 through the evening of Wednesday, October 24.

• Cuna Street crosswalk installation: mid-day Sunday, October 28 through the evening of Wednesday, October 31.

The crosswalk installation is the final element of an extensive project that began in early February of this year and includes extensive pedestrian improvements along south Castillo Drive that have included the installation of new street lights, widening of sidewalks, and improved signalization for both pedestrians and vehicles.

Funding for the project was secured by Congressman John Mica who, during a visit to St Augustine, noticed the challenges pedestrians had in the congested area lying between popular St George Street and the Castillo de San Marcos National Monument.