British Nightwatch will impact traffic Saturday

Saturday evening, starting at 7:30 p.m., the British Nightwatch parade in downtown St Augustine will result in traffic delays and heavier than normal congestion along the parade route, according to an alert received by Historic City News this week.

Public Affairs Director Paul Williamson told reporters that the activities should conclude by about 9:00 p.m., and then traffic should return to normal.

“The public is requested to avoid the area unless they are involved with or attending the parade,” Williamson advised. “During the entire event, St George Street, between Cathedral Place and King Street, will be closed.”

Parade Route:

• Start at Government House
• Circle Plaza (King Street, Charlotte Street, Cathedral Place)
• North on St George Street
• West on Cuna Street
• North on Spanish Street
• East on Orange Street to City Gates
• South on St George Street to Government House

Traffic interruptions:

Intermittent traffic interruptions will be necessary on Cathedral Place and King Street in the vicinity of the Plaza and on Orange Street in the vicinity of the City Gates.

Congested area:

Pedestrian traffic around the Plaza will be heavy throughout the event and along the parade route.