Chocolate Meltdown gown debuts on First Friday

Whetstone Chocolates located at 139 King Street in St Augustine, has informed local Historic City News reporters that they will debut the “Chocolate Meltdown” gown that won first place on the runway at the Festival of Chocolate competition during the First Friday Art Walk on November 2.

The grand appearance of St Augustine fashion designer Dragana Bubic’s creation will be held from 5:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. The First Friday Art Walk event, featuring the one-of-a-kind haute couture winning evening gown from Buki Couture, is free of charge. Bubic’s creation will remain on display from November 2nd to November 12.

“We are truly honored that Dragana choose to work with Whetstone Chocolates in the design of her dress”, said Virginia Whetstone, President of Whetstone Chocolates. “It is truly a masterpiece and she is an exceptionally talented person.”

The Festival of Chocolate fashion show was held October 13th in Ft Lauderdale; and was a competition for designers who were required to make dresses out of chocolates and chocolate candy wrappers. The gown was modeled by Nicole Greco on the “yum-way”; competing against other handmade creations by fashion designers from around the country.

According to Bubic, the gown was inspired from the historic beauty of our town and the chocolate meltdowns she’s had at the Whetstone Chocolates Factory.

“It is a reflection of the ocean — filled with sea shells and the lost treasures brought by the Spanish and French from overseas,” said Bubic.

Whetstone Chocolates made the dress possible by providing over 2,000 chocolate wrappers and 1,000 pieces of foil from their chocolate Shells in colors of green, gold and blue.

They were weaved and stitched to the top and the bottom of the gown, which was decorated with pink ribbons and shimmery fabric resembling the mother of pearl reflection from the inside of a shell.

Finally 650 brown paper chocolate cups from luscious chocolate truffles were added to cover the bodice.

The gown is decorated with 320 pearls and 960 sequins to add the glow, gold milk chocolate coins and foiled covered chocolate Shells, which provide the finishing touch.