Date change for Castillo Holiday Open House

Ranger Joe Brehm informed local Historic City News reporters that Castillo de San Marcos National Monument will hold its Holiday Open House this coming Saturday, December 8, to more closely follow the tradition of years past.

The celebration and events were originally announced for December 15th.

“We will fire our cannon to start off the boat parade and open the fort to the public,” Brehm told reporters. “As in years past, we are looking for any uniform you have on the forts history, if you’ve got it wear it!”

Also on the calendar:

Saturday, December 29th Guards at the Gates

We will be hosting the next guard at the gates program on Saturday Dec. 29th. The goal of this program is to interpret the city gates to the public and give them a sense of the soldiering life in St. Augustine by interpreting one of the everyday duties of Spanish soldiers, standing guard at the northern city gate. If you plan on participating please keep in mind that participation requires wearing the full dress uniform including great coat, sword belt, cartridge box and musket, and also requires marching and standing for long periods of time. If you wish to participate or have any questions please contact Ranger Jake Harper at

Sunday, January 27th 2013 Volunteer Recognition Dinner

On Sunday January 27th, we will be hosting our annual Volunteer Recognition Dinner to celebrate the amazing contributions of the CASA/FOMA volunteer corps. The dinner, as before, will be held in the White Room in St Augustine, and is open to all volunteers with at least 16 hours logged with the parks. Attendees are allowed to bring one guest and must RSVP to Ranger Jill Leverett by January 13th. If you are unsure about your hours, a print-out is available on the door of the volunteer room at the Castillo, or you can shoot an email over to Jill. To RSVP or get information on your hours please contact Ranger Jill Leverett at

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