Flagler cold-weather shelter opens tonight

Carla Traister and Rabbi Merrill Shapiro informed Historic City News that the Flagler County Family Assistance Center will open their “cold weather” shelter at First United Methodist Church of Bunnell tonight.

The shelter is located at 205 North Pine Street in Bunnell, behind the Bank of America.

Traister reports that she is having difficulty reaching volunteers who normally assist with the various shifts and chores; likely due to the holidays. If you would like to volunteer to help with hospitality, supper, overnight, or the rise-and-shine teams, contact Carla Traister at the shelter, today.

Flagler County Family Assistance Center, Inc is a non-profit coalition of individuals, faith based communities and service organizations of Flagler County dedicated to feeding the hungry, providing shelter to the homeless, and helping them transition to permanent affordable housing.

Rabbi Shapiro said that those sponsoring the Family Assistance Center believe all individuals deserve to be treated with dignity and respect and that they provide a doorway through which their clients can find the support they need to move forward in rebuilding their lives.

Rev Beth Gardner, Pastor at First United Methodist Church, said she is most proud of the organization’s work to prevent “at-risk” individuals from becoming homeless.

Those already scheduled and assisting include Palm Coast United Methodist Church, Rev Kathy Hagerman, Santa Maria Del Mar, First United Methodist Church of Bunnell, and Jim Potocheck.