Garb and Gear Mini Clinic

Garb and Gear Mini Clinic
By Raphael Cosme

In preparation for Florida’s 500th birthday celebration, a mini-clinic dedicated to the garb and gear fashion of the 16th century period was presented at the Dow Museum of Historic Houses main courtyard, and Historic City News photojournalist Raphael Cosme attended.

The re-enactment reception and gathering featured examples of period clothing, equipment, eating wares, weaponry and personal goods used by the soldiers, sailors, and attendants accompanying Ponce de Leon on his journey of exploration which led to the discovery and naming of La Florida in 1513.

The Dow Museum of Historic Houses is proud to bring you a hands-on, one on one demonstration of proper clothing, gear, and accessories for men and women in the 16th Century. Along with displays of period clothing and weaponry there will be a demonstration of a matchlock.

“With a tremendous noise and flashes of fire a cannon late in the night brought memories of the present of soldiers at the Castillo de San Marcos” Said Christine Smith, native resident of St Augustine.

Fashion tips for the 16th Century explorer/colonist clothing by Laurana Atwood who took time to explain and show some of the catalogs displayed of all time periods clothing to the audience, the reenactors joined her with the living history and discussed the material culture of the era by wearing and demonstrating the use of certain clothing and items of necessity. Hand outs with information on clothing terminology, techniques and common beliefs that influenced the dress of the day was given out by these knowledgeable living history folk.

Photo credits: © 2012 Historic City News contributed photograph by Raphael Cosme