Letter: Brunson has best qualifications

Letter: Brunson has best qualifications

Phyllis and Al Abbatiello
Fruit Cove, FL 32259

Dear Editor:

After considerable thought, Al and I unconditionally endorse Randy Brunson for County Commission, District 5.

We’ve known Randy Brunson and his wife Carol through the many years we’ve lived in St Johns County. We have always known him to be extremely competent with valuable insight into county issues.

We’re confident Brunson’s primary concern is for the wellbeing of all county residents — rather than just those of special interests with self-serving agendas. His election to the St Johns County Commission will serve the residents extremely well.

Randy Brunson led the fight to get the St Johns County Airport Authority off the tax rolls, proving to us that he can accomplish reduced costs in local government; even within a single 4-year elected term.

We find Randy Brunson’s thoughts, related to long range planning, are refreshing. Brunson has the best plan to reduce our property taxes without eroding our quality of life.
We also support Brunson’s plan for increased commercial activity rather than additional rooftops as the correct approach for improving the St Johns County tax base.

We’ve also noted endorsements for Randy Brunson from Historic City News, the St Augustine Record, Sheriff David Shoar and others, whose opinion we value in St Johns County. They obviously recognize Brunson’s excellent qualifications and we’re delighted to join them in endorsing his candidacy.

We wish Randy Brunson well and look forward to celebrating his election on November 6, 2012.