Letter: The Revolution is alive and well

Letter: The Revolution is alive and well

John Charles Stevens
SJC Republican State Committeeman Elect
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Dear Editor:

Four years ago, the prospects for Ron Paul’s liberty wing of the Republican Party did not look too promising in St. Johns County.

A 2008 front page article in this newspaper detailed a clash between the old guard GOP leadership and a new younger vibrant group seeking to move the Republican Party towards a constitutionally focused agenda.

The clash led to grievance filings against me and other Republicans ultimately resulting in suspensions from the RPOF by then State Chairman Jim Greer.

What a difference four years make!

Since 2007, Jim Greer’s Chairmanship came to an early end due to a criminal indictment related to corruption within the RPOF.

The Tea Party, which began as a fringe group of passionate Ron Paul supporters, exploded into a nationwide political force. The 2010 election saw big gains for constitutionally focused candidates in local, state and national elections.

And now, in 2012, not all Republicans are feeling defeated. After being persecuted for opposing many Republican Party policies, I managed to win election as St Johns County Republican State Committeeman.

This is a position within the RPOF that gives constitutionally focused activists an official voice in the Republican Party at both the local and state level. And my election is not an isolated event. Constitutional conservatives have won party positions throughout the country.

For example, Ashley Ryan, a 21 year old Ron Paul Activist from Maine won election as a Republican National Committeewoman. And in Iowa, A. J. Spiker, the state’s vice chairman of Paul’s presidential campaign has become the Republican Party State Chairman.

So why is this good news for the GOP?

Just as Goldwater brought about Ronald Reagan – Ron Paul’s movement is likely to give birth to a leader with big ideas that will transcend the “left-right” paradigm. Long term, that means a larger and stronger Republican Party — despite its losses on November 6th.

And I, as the incoming Republican State Committeeman for St. Johns County, am anxious to help get us there!

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