Motor City travel writer likes Historic City

300-FREEP-Ellen-CreagerIf you want to stop aging, you might want to live in beautiful St Augustine, according to an article that Historic City News reporters spotted in the Detroit Free Press this morning.

Travel Writer Ellen Creager wrote, “America’s oldest continually occupied city — it may be 500 years old, but it doesn’t look a day over 300”.

She offered her “top ten” reasons to move, saying here’s what we have going for us:

1. A lighthouse with 219 steps to climb. Do that every day and you’ll be in great shape.

2. A sunny climate. Its average high is 79 degrees and its average low is 61.

3. It’s a college town; the 2,500-student Flagler College is in a gorgeous former hotel in the city center.

4. Tons of art galleries and 300 years of architecture. You feel as if you are somewhere substantial.

5. Fresh Atlantic Ocean breezes.

6. Fresh “buy local” food. Huge foodie town and al fresco dining.

7. Places to walk, not drive, keeping citizens on the move.

8. Great spot to put out the sign “gone fishing” — lower your blood pressure by fishing right off the beach.

9. Diversity and community — lots of African-American civil rights history as well as Southern and old-timey Spanish history, so there’s a rootedness to the city that connects its citizens to one another. Everywhere you look, there’s a monument to something or someone.

10. Pride.