Parents Advancing Global Education

Two St Johns County moms have informed Historic City News that they are on a mission to unite, educate and support parents and community members for the purpose of expanding students’ technology skills; so that, one day, they can successfully compete globally.

Parents Advancing Global Education has been researching best practices nationally for over two years, according to co-founders Kim Kendall and Jill Flores. Kendall sits on the Florida Department of Education Digital Work Group while Flores is a public school teacher.

“We have been developing an implementation plan that pays for professional development, school infrastructure, merit pay, and allows all 2.7 million students to receive a laptop computer, without touching the budget,” the women told reporters.

Florida schools are required to bring digital textbooks and online end-of-course exams into local schools by Fall 2014 in order to satisfy legislative requirements and terms of the “Race to the Top” grant.

“We’ve been called just moms – and we are okay with that – because there is no one else who knows what’s best for our kids.”

Parents Advancing Global Education is a Florida not-for-profit corporation consisting of parents, caretakers, teachers, community advocates, and business partners focused on the advancement of education for our students.

According to information received by Historic City News this week, the organization is seeking 501c(3) charitable status. Volunteers work in all areas of support – town hall forums, newsletters, fundraising and tutoring.

Kendall, who graduated with her Bachelor of Science in Public Relations from Florida State University, says her group “believes in the advancement of our students”. More importantly, she said, “we believe in having the voices of our parents heard.”

Flores graduated with her Bachelor of Business Administration from Siena College. She said Parents Advancing Global Education “supports innovation and advancing those fields of study in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and math.”

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