Reptile Awareness Weekend at Alligator Farm

A species said to be on the brink of extinction, the Chinese alligator, will be in the spotlight this weekend when the St Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park shines the spotlight on rare and endangered reptiles October 20 and 21 during Reptile Awareness Weekend.

The Chinese alligator, the American alligator’s closest living relative, is considered one of the most endangered reptiles in the world. It now only inhabits a tiny region of the Yangtze River system because of habitat loss and pollution.

“Guests will have a special opportunity to take a photo with a small Chinese alligator,” said Molly Ebersold, Sales and Marketing Manager. “The park has participated in an international effort to breed and reintroduce Chinese alligators into their native habitat in China.”

Other weekend activities will include the chance to feed rats to alligators, a raffle drawing to benefit Chinese alligator conservation, and Maximo feedings on Saturday and Sunday.