Show-and-Tell time for the Cultural Council

All eyes will be on Andy Witt Monday when he appears before the St Johns County Tourist Development Council to present the Five-Year Strategic Plan and Annual Arts, Culture and Heritage Marketing Plan for Fiscal Year 2013.

Both documents were to be delivered to the TDC office for distribution by Friday, November 30; however, except for an early draft of the “St Johns Cultural Council Strategic Plan 2012-2017” presented November 20, the completed five-year plan and completed immediate plan for next year will remain a mystery until Monday.

Witt is the Executive Director of the St Johns Cultural Council, Inc. — the local not-for-profit organization whose front-men lobbied ex-commissioners and a panel of politicos to win control of the multi-million-dollar TDC contract over a more professionally prepared proposal from the University of Florida — offering solid administration, significantly deeper financial resources, and a more stable foundation in the opinion of local observers.

The five-year draft plan offered by the Cultural Council includes:

Section 1.0 Executive summary – strategic plan 2012-2017
Section 2.0 Strategic plan goals and objectives 2012-2017
Section 3.0 Five year budget projection
Section 4.0 Overview for promoting and growing the cultural industry locally
Section 5.0 2012-13 Marketing Plan
Section 6.0 Appendix
TDC Data Collection Report Form
SJCC – BOCC Contractual Document

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