St Augustine St Johns Topics in the News

800-HCN-ED-BOARD-LOGOBy no particular criteria and in no particular order, the Historic City News Editorial Board selected three news articles from each of the past twelve months to give our readers a reminder of some of the topics that made the local news in 2012.

January 2012 (152 total articles)
Worried residents drive 204 miles to speak 1 minute

Check before you pay Asset Acceptance LLC

FBI Special Agent in Charge pleased with Cladek verdict

February 2012 (148 total articles)
Happy 59th Birthday Nellie

Neighbors galvanized to protect property rights

Plans for St Augustine Civil Rights Museum

March 2012 (150 total articles)
Mariotti’s relocation to West King Street

Three bidders qualify to run Spanish Quarter

Wrigley remembered at Inaugural Velo Fest

April 2012 (163 total articles)
Supreme Court finds District 6 lines constitutional

Funeral services held for Fred Bozard

Clerk of Court remembers murdered supervisor

May 2012 (157 total articles)
St Augustine based soldiers deployed for a year

James A Ponce Sr: member of city’s founding family

Attend 16th century boathouse dedication

June 2012 (146 total articles)
Ringo Starr band rocks St Augustine

Last radio call for Sheriff Perry

7-Eleven plans to return to San Marco Avenue

July 2012 (178 total articles)
Will third-time logo be the charm?

Citizens group says NO to beach driving

Farmer and commission chairman Earl Byrd dies

August 2012 (172 total articles)
St Augustine Mobility Institute

Arrest in disappearance of Rebecca Ware

Fire bell tolls eleven times for 9/11

September 2012 (167 total articles)
Masters captured — spotted by Historic City News reader

Chamber member drive nets 55 additions

Airport remains off local tax rolls

October 2012 (163 total articles)
Beach police cannot manage evidence room

Chocolate Meltdown gown debuts on First Friday

Lightsey continues 36-year holiday tradition

November 2012 (126 total articles)
Beach commission selects Chief Hardwick

A new day in St Johns County government

City lowers flags in honor of Jerry Kass

December 2012 (124 total articles)
Alligator Farm wants happy neighbors

Opinions split on City’s choice of brand

National Geographic names city Best of the World