St Augustine woman crashes into McDonalds

Had the incident happened at any time McDonald’s lobby had been opened, the outcome would most certainly have been worse; managers told Historic City News this morning, after a St Augustine woman crashed into their building.

At 2:15 a.m. this morning, St Augustine police officers Michael Kettman and Jeff Collins responded to McDonalds located at 1106 North Ponce de Leon Boulevard, after 36-year-old Jannette Cintron Houston drove her pickup truck through a plate glass window, across the lobby, and into a section of counter.

McDonalds drive thru lane was open at the time, even though the lobby was closed. Fortunately no customers were in the dining room and the employees of the restaurant were in the kitchen. Police told reporters that no one, including the driver, was injured in the crash.

The officers did report observing a strong odor of alcohol on the driver’s breath. Her eyes were red and watery and her speech was slurred, police said.

When Houston failed a field sobriety test, officers took her into custody — charging her with driving while under the influence.

Houston gave police and the booking officers two different addresses; 479 Horace Avenue and 121 Woodcrest Drive in St Augustine.

She was released from custody at the St Johns County Detention Facility after posting a $1,000 appearance bond.

By daybreak, workers were at the scene, busily repairing the damage. Breakfast customers who regularly meet at the long table along the south end of the dining room had to relocate, but were able to enjoy their morning coffee and conversation uninterrupted.

The investigation is continuing.