After 2-years, Leary calls it quits

300-COMM-COSA-LEARYElected to the St Augustine City Commission in 2010, 63-year-old William Lavern “Bill” Leary, has decided to resign the office midway through his first term, according to an announcement in the Friday Record.

In the article, Leary cited personal reasons for leaving the commission; and, only eight years after moving to St Augustine, he also announced that he and his wife, former USA Today editor, Karen Jurgensen, may be moving 2,500 miles out-of-town — reportedly to be closer to his recently wed daughter, Kirsten Thompson.

Leary told Record reporter Stuart Korfhage that “he didn’t feel right staying on the commission knowing he wasn’t going to be a city resident much longer.”

Leary is one of three attorneys who currently hold office on the city commission. He is well known for lengthy commentary on most issues. Leary occasionally dissented from his fellow commissioners and was involved in several controversial votes.

Historic City News has requested any documents communicated to the City Manager’s office or the City Attorney regarding Leary’s unexpected short-notice departure.

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