Exploding fireworks illegal in Florida

300-FIREWORKS-2011-HCNMarine Rescue Lieutenant Jeremy Robshaw reminds Historic City News readers that St Johns County residents are prohibited from using illegal fireworks during New Year’s Eve celebrations.

St. Johns County Fire Rescue suggests that residents refrain from attempting private fireworks displays during the holiday, in order to prevent accidental injuries or wildfires in the community.

“In the State of Florida, simply put, it is illegal to use any firework that either goes boom or leaves the ground,” Robshaw told local reporters this morning. “We recommend the public fireworks displays; they are produced by licensed professional vendors and are permitted on a case-by-case basis by local fire marshals.”

Exploding fireworks are dangerous and can only be used in a controlled, safe environment by individuals trained in their use, the hazards they present, and the precautions necessary to protect those in attendance.

By avoiding the temptation to include illegal fireworks in your celebration, you can ensure the beginning of a safe and happy New Year.

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