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  • Road rage turns violent – shots are fired

    400-BLUE-LIGHTS-PATROL-CARLaw enforcement officials tell Historic City News reporters that they believe a road rage incident turned to violence tonight as St Johns County sheriff’s deputies continue to investigate a shooting that occurred on US-1 South; between Watson Road and Southwood Road.

    Commander Charles E. Mulligan informed Historic City News that at about 8:15 p.m., the northbound lanes of US-1 had been shut down as detectives and emergency medical personnel cordoned off the crime scene and attended to one male victim’s gunshot wounds.

    Due to the severity of his injuries, the victim was stabilized for transportation and flown by air ambulance to the trauma unit of Shands Jacksonville Medical Center. WJXT in Jacksonville is reporting that their sources confirm that the man shot in the incident was a firefighter in Flagler County. He is listed in critical condition at Shands Jacksonville, according to televised reports.

    From the lot of BB&T near the scene, Media Relations Officer Kevin R. Kelshaw told Historic City News that a second male, whose name will likely not be released tonight, was being questioned by investigators at this time.

    No other injuries have been reported in the incident. Details about the drivers and an update on the condition of the gunshot patient will be updated as they become available.

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