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  • Column: Mayor Nancy Shaver – Looking forward

    Mayor Nancy Shaver
    Mayor Nancy Shaver
    Column: Mayor Nancy Shaver – Looking forward
    Special to Historic City News

    New Year’s is always a time to reflect—and look forward. I’ve never been a fan of New Year’s resolutions that are overly ambitious. They seem destined to fall away in a few weeks, like when an irresistible piece of chocolate cake makes its way into your kitchen, for example.

    Instead I find myself resolving to put my best efforts into what can really make a difference. So what does that mean for the City we love in 2015? It means celebrating our heritage—and working to preserve and protect what makes us a lively, and delightful place to live and work.

    • It’s our birthday year, and many organizations and groups across the City have been working hard to mark this year. We still have a “Birthday Party” to plan and we all want it to be a memorable celebration for everyone who lives here.
    • Moving around our City—whether it’s parking, or car traffic or bicycling needs to get easier for all of us and our visitors. We have lots of information; and can take thoughtful first steps, and plan for the longer term.
    • Active citizen participation in helping address opportunities and issues is critical. Already people are stepping up. I’ve heard from people interested in making a more welcoming experience for boater’s who visit, and those who want to make our history come to life on our streets, and more. All good!
    • Potholes, “red water” –all of our infrastructure needs a clear fact based assessment so we can plan, prioritize and budget sensibly. Our street assessment is close to complete, and then we’ll have a starting point.
    • Our zoning is something easy to forget about until we find ourselves looking at the liveablity of our City being challenged. Taking a good look at our zoning, neighborhood by neighborhood and making the needed changes will take some time, but we are beginning the process.
    • And then there’s the money. Transparent budgeting and regular reporting of how we are doing, and where our City revenues are spent will help us all.
    • Last, but certainly not least, listening to what citizens have to say — whether at coffee, or a neighborhood or merchant meeting, or in Publix or at the gym, is a resolution I know I can keep. I have heard from many of you and enjoyed invitations from so many groups!
    • To make it easier, in the New Year, there will be a Mayor’s web site—and you can visit Mayor Nancy Shaver on Facebook right now, and of course contact me by e-mail.

    … and for me, personally, keep showing up at the gym, read a few more books, and spoil my grandchildren.

    2015 will be a year of wonderful celebrations and moving forward into our next chapter.

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