Deputies shoot and kill man armed with shotgun

300-SUMMERHILL-CIRCLEHistoric City News is gathering details from tonight’s shooting death of a man, wielding a shotgun, at the scene of a call for help that was reported as a “violent disturbance”.

Media Relations Officer Kevin Kelshaw informed local news reporters that crime scene technicians and detectives from the sheriff’s major crimes unit have arrived and are processing evidence.

There is concern, and deputies who responded to the call believe, that the interior of the residence on Summerhill Circle, near Old Moultrie Road and Kings Estate Road, conceals another crime scene.

“Deputies responded to a 911 call at a home tonight,” Commander Chuck Mulligan told reporters. “When they arrived, a man exited the residence, armed with a shotgun. Deputies ordered the man to drop the weapon. When he pointed the barrel at the deputies, they shot and killed him.”

More information will be released to Historic City News in the morning as the investigation continues.