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  • Uncontrolled dogs kill miniature horse

    400-MINI-1-LORENOn the evening of December 18th, startled by the sound of ferocious barking, Donna Cornish told Historic City News that she felt something was very wrong as she went outside to check on her 4 miniature horses.

    Without thinking of her own safety, she went outside to find two strange dogs in her yard — one a Pit bull and one a Catahoula mix.  She tried to chase the growling dogs off of her property.

    “She discovered that her 32-year-old mini horse, Debi, was lying on the ground, gasping for air, and covered with blood,” Loren Townsend Zawawi, told HCN editor Michael Gold today.  “The dogs had managed to drag Debi under the fence and Donna had the sad task of pulling her back in and holding her while she called 911.”

    Before help arrived and Debi drew her last breath, Cornish called her daughter, Sam, and held the phone to Debi’s ear so that Sam could tell her “goodbye” and let her know that she was not alone.

    400-MINI-2-LORENDebi died trying to protect her babies; Pumpkin, Lookus, and Jewel.  Pumpkin and Jewel were nearly disemboweled during the vicious attack; and, if not for the caring vets from Dr. Gary Shelton’s Veterinary Clinic coming out and working on them for 5 hours by flashlight, they would have lost their lives as well.

    What is horrible is that there are apparently bands of roving dogs in Flagler Estates; killing pets and horses and turkeys and kittens.  St Johns County Animal Control has seized the dogs in this attack. There will be a hearing on this matter in February.

    “The vet bills for these horses is over $2,000 and they need a lot more care,” Zawawi told reporters.  “The minis have a long road to recovery and to get their loving spirits back. Donations to help Pumpkin, Jewel, and Lookus can be made at the Shelton Veterinarian Clinic in Elkton.”

    Paul Studivant is the Animal Control Operations Manager.  He has been with St. Johns County Animal Control since 1995.  The Division of Animal Control has 5 full time Animal Control Officers, including:

    Ed Martin
    Animal Control Asst. Manager since 2006
    Animal Control Officer since 2004

    Sean O’Connor
    Animal Control Officer I since 2012

    Chris Ellis
    Animal Control Officer I since 2013

    Nate Walters
    Animal Control Officer I since 2013

    Ernest Hagan
    Animal Control Officer I since 2014

    Submit a non-emergency report of stray animals, feral cats, animal cruelty, dogs barking, or leash law violations using the St Johns County online reporting tool: P.R.I.D.E.

    Animal Control officers are in the field 5-days-a-week. They respond to various concerns from setting cat traps, looking for stray dogs and cats, to checking on the welfare of animals.

    If you spot stray dogs, unleased with no vaccination tags or collar, report your situation to St Johns County Animal Control by calling (904) 209-0746.

    If you witness an animal attack against other livestock or pets, the Animal Control Department also has an officer on-call (Emergencies Only) 7-nights-a-week, from 4:30 p.m. to 8:00 a.m.  If the animal attack involves a human, call 9-1-1 to report the emergency.