Former clerks of St Johns County say office needs better qualified leader

275-CLERKS-PHOTOSBoth former living Clerks of St Johns County, Carl “Bud” Markel and Cheryl Strickland, announced to Historic City News this week that they are supporting George Lareau for election on August 30th to the seat they once held.

During his 32-year tenure as a Deputy Clerk, Lareau was an avid proponent of training, customer service, and fiscal responsibility. He told local reporters that he is best qualified to continue in the role of Clerk of Court and Comptroller.

“I know without a doubt, that George Lareau is the most qualified candidate running for Clerk of Court,” said Carl “Bud” Markel, who served as St Johns County Clerk of Court from 1981 to 1996.

Historic City News learned that Lareau played a key role in the clerk’s office across the terms of both of the last two elected clerks.

“George Lareau served as my chief deputy for 19 years and he is the most qualified person for the Clerk of Court for St Johns County,” recommended Cheryl Strickland who retired from the office on Friday, September 18, 2015.

As Chief Deputy under Strickland, George Lareau was a key player in implementing new court systems, modernization, and management for more than 19-years. Seventh Circuit Chief Judge Terence R. Perkins followed Strickland’s suggestion and appointed then Chief Deputy Lareau as the Clerk Ad Interim for the remainder of Strickland’s term.

Lareau told Historic City News editor, Michael Gold, he has no idea what would have prompted Governor Rick Scott to intervene and replace him six-weeks later. However, Lareau said he was informed by Scott’s office that “today’s not going to be a good day”, and, effective October 30, 2015, 29-year-old lawyer, Hunter Conrad, would assume the remainder of Strickland’s un-expired term.

Citing Lareau’s many years of experience and successful implementation of various initiatives for the clerk’s office, both Markel and Strickland said they had no hesitation in offering their endorsements.

George Lareau is a Murabella resident and Republican candidate for election to Clerk of St Johns County Courts and Comptroller. He has approved and paid for publication of this article.

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