Historic City Undercover: May 31, 2016

275-SAPD-PATCHEach weekday, Historic City News publishes a summary of calls handled by the St Augustine Police Department. The information contained in this report is taken from sources deemed reliable; the accuracy and completeness of which Historic City News does not control and cannot guarantee.

The original public records are on file with the St Augustine Police Department and should be consulted before taking any action.

• Criminal Mischief at the White Lion, 20 Cuna St. Officer found broken window while on patrol. Owner notified of incident, no suspects or witnesses. 16-16753

• Criminal Mischief at 236 San Marco Av. broken lattice work around bottom of business, no suspects or witnesses. 16-16781

• John Karrick, homeless was arrested on 2 outstanding warrants from St. Johns County. 16-16791

• The owner of a boat trailer being stored at 404 Riberia St. reported the tag off of his trailer was stolen sometime within the last month. 16-16855

• Jack Zhu, 7/19/1985 w/m, 122 Queen Road was arrested for Criminal Mischief in excess of $1000. Zhu has had an on-going issue with car owner, Zhu reportedly kicked and dented the owners car.16-17027

• Joseph Woods, 07/29/1992, w/m, 34 Cincinnati St. was arrested and charged with battery, VOP and possession of more than 20grams of marijuana. 16-16914

• Clint Bradley Huttinger, w/m, 1634 Brian Way was charged with Petit Theft. He was observed on video taking $160 out of the victim’s wallet. 238 San Marco, Kids Bridge. 16-16957

• Henry Thomas Capallall, 03/23/1973, 638 Madore St. was stopped because his passenger did not have a seat belt on. Capalla was arrested for being a Habitual Traffic Offender, he has 11 suspensions, 1 cancelled D/L, 4 revocations. The passenger was cited and the car released to her. 16-17071

• The caretaker of 86 Bridge St. called the police because someone had broken into the house she was caring for. She has had all the windows and doors boarded over and placed no trespassing sign in the yard. Two officers went inside and found Cheryl Kachmar, 11/03/1955, homeless w/f and Martin Eyth, 12/26/1958, homeless w/m. Both were arrested for Trespass after Warning, Eyth also had 2 outstanding warrants out of St. Johns County. 16-17072

• A city employee reported that someone over the weekend broke and damaged a trash can lid at the Skate Park on Red Cox Drive. There are no witnesses or suspects in this case. 16-17075z

• A guest at the Casa Monica reported to police that someone had damaged her car while she was staying at the Casa Monica. She felt the damage was about $500 to her 2013 Mercedes Benz. 16-17092

• A local older woman received a call from a “Sgt. Steven Stone” with the US Marshal’s Office. Stone stated that the victim had missed a federal court date and now had several warrants for her arrest. Stone stated that he could make the warrants go away if… she was to go a CVS Drug Store and purchase 5 $100 PayPal cards and meet him at the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office. This lady and her husband instead called the police department and asked for an officer. Her husband was on the phone when the officer arrived, the officer spoke to Stone and told him he was the victim’s son and they had the cards and were headed to the Sheriff’s Office. Stone changed his story and told them to give him the card numbers and receipt number to which the officer replied no, I want to give these to you in person. Stone countered with she’ll go to jail then and promptly hung up.
If you receive a call from a “Sgt. Steven Stone, 904-686-9746” or any other person wanting you to purchase a card, IT IS A SCAM. Call the police. 16-17071

• Charges signed on Kenneth Shawn Williams, b/m, 01/21/1967, 885 Collier Road, for Reckless Driving and Leaving the Scene with Property Damage. Witnesses state that Williams sped down ML King St. and turned around and “floored” his car into a tree. He and a passenger exited the vehicle, Williams ran leaving the scene. Information gathered from the car and passenger, statements from witnesses Williams was charged.