Letter: DuPont shows his incompetence in judicial forum

Letter: DuPont shows his incompetence in judicial forum

Dan Armstrong
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Dear Editor:

I recently watched the July 26th judicial forum put on by the St Johns County Bar and League of Woman Voters to lean about the judges running for office.

To say the least, I was stunned that one of the judges showed either his incon1petence or ignorance of the law and disregard for the Constitution.

I watched a replay of the forum a second time to make sure I hadn’t misheard what I though he said. When asked about judicial philosophy, Judge Scott DuPont stated that he would refuse to find a law unconstitutional – that the person standing on the Constitution would have to appeal the case “up the food chain”.

He said he has been asked to do so, and said as a sitting judge I have refused to do so

This type of judge is the problem. With that statement he showed utter disregard for our Constitution and told every person who may claim a right to free speech, freedom of religion or right to assemble they had better not be in his court or he will always side for the government’s law, county ordinance or city code over their Constitutional rights and they will have to amass a war chest to afford lawyers to appeal him.

This is irresponsible. I would urge all who value their constitutional rights to vote him out of office. He has shown he can’t be trusted with our basic rights.

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