Man captured after burglarizing vehicle in coffee house parking lot

Historic City News was informed that last night about 8:30 p.m., St Augustine police responded to DOS Coffee and Wine at 300 San Marco Av to investigate the burglary of a vehicle.

The victim reported that when she arrived at the business, she left her vehicle, a gray 2003 Toyota sport utility vehicle, in the northwest parking lot.

She stated that approximately thirty minutes later she returned to the vehicle and saw that her red Coach wallet (valued at $90.00) and a Community First Credit Union deposit bag were missing from the passenger’s side of the vehicle.

The victim told officers that the wallet contained no cash but had five credit cards and two debit cards. She stated that the credit union deposit bag contained approximately $180.00 in cash of unknown denominations, and the business checkbooks.

Fortunately for the victim, DOS Coffee and Wine maintains video surveillance of their parking lot and a recording was made of the thief entering the vehicle and taking the missing property.

The security video showed a shirtless, white male, with a thin build, as he walked around the parked vehicle checking the door handles. He can be seen to open the passenger’s side door, then quickly close it.

Officer Jenkins and Corporal Miller watched the video and recognized the man from an earlier call that evening. As the officers viewed the tape, they observed that at 7:10 p.m., 24-year-old Aaron Daniel Walker entered the vehicle’s unlocked passenger side door and removed a red wallet and its contents as well as another object. Walker, who resides at 305 Volterra Place, can be seen riding off on his bicycle.

Aided by witness statements, officers were directed to a wooden utility shed on property at 258 St George Avenue. With the owner’s consent, the officers entered the shed and found Walker inside.

Walker was secured and read his Miranda Rights at approximately 9:14 p.m. He was escorted to a patrol vehicle and then placed into the back seat while the investigation was conducted. When Walker was patted down, officers found $45.05 in cash and change in his left front pocket. Walker told the officers that they could find the wallet and cash under the bed inside the shed.

A further search of the area uncovered numerous receipts and two check books, as well as a Bank of America credit card belonging to the victim. Walker was placed under arrest and transported to the St Johns County Jail without incident.

Walker remains in custody tonight in lieu of $2500 bail.

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