Mayor reacts to unwarranted, politically motivated abuse

St Augustine Mayor Nancy Shaver told local Historic City News reporters that she is embarrassed by the latest abusive behavior exhibited by others at the commission table.

One resident outside Monday night’s meeting held in the Alcazar Room at City Hall said it was “like watching a bad Jerry Springer episode”. Another compared it to a “three-ring circus”, saying he was particularly disappointed in Todd Neville and Leanna Freeman because they are both supposed to be professionals on their day jobs.

Recently a self-appointed group of community activists approached the mayor asking her to sign a “contract” to be civil and compassionate in her public office. One of the frequent speakers at city commission meetings who is engaged in the organization and who has opened the commission meetings in the past by reciting an invocation, insisted that Shaver sign the “contract” because Todd Neville, Leanna Freeman, Roxanne Horvath, and Nancy Sikes-Kline had shown their “commitment to compassion” by signing it.

So, in her inimitable way, after suffering another Monday night’s behavior by the hypocritical commissioners who did sign the “compassion” contract, the mayor declined — and then published her own reminder about how she conducts herself in her personal and professional life. Shaver said she felt it was a little redundant since anyone who has met her, worked with her on a civic project, or attended or watched any meeting of the city commission, would already know that tolerance, civility and compassion are her strongest attributes.

When you elected me as Mayor, I came to that office with personal beliefs that have governed my actions. As I have represented you and our City, this is what I have been committed to:

• Respect of others, regardless of their points of view or behavior
• Personal responsibility for my own speech and actions
• Speaking the truth and acting with integrity
• Civil and thoughtful dialogue on all issues
• Thoughtful and attentive listening to everyone

You have my promise and my pledge to continue to serve you in this manner, and to always hold myself to these standards.

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