Realtors recommend John Reardon for School Board District 2

John Reardon, Candidate for St Johns County School Board, District 2, reported to Historic City News that he has received the recommendation of the St Augustine & St Johns County Board of Realtors, founded in 1964.

As a fiscal conservative and a former St Johns County Commissioner, Reardon brings budgeting and planning experience, proven management experience and experience in preparing and planning for upcoming leadership transitions.

“I am very grateful to the local board of realtors for their support of my campaign,” Reardon told local reporters. “Receiving the recommendation from an organization such as theirs demonstrates that support is growing for our campaign. I believe all students in St Johns County deserve the best education possible regardless of where they live in our county.”

In making today’s announcement, Reardon said he believes that a strong education system is the foundation for a strong economy and that he looks forward to working with the Realtors for everyone in St Johns County.

Reardon believes that the public is tired of career politicians and is ready for fresh new perspectives to address the challenges in our County. He said that he has a plan to create safer schools and neighborhoods for students and families.

When asked about what his focus will be as a School Board Member, Reardon replied, “What does the student need to succeed? How can I help maximize that success? What can I do to ensure every child is as successful and as safe as can be?”

Reardon says he will focus on, responsive representation and leadership for our children: in our schools, at the County District level and working with our elected representatives in Tallahassee.

Reardon is ready to get to work listening, collaborating and supporting the vital Teacher-Student-Parent relationship which he said is the key to educating successful students and preparing them for a successful future in our competitive national and global economy.

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