Rhey Palmer steps down as longtime president of Neighborhood Council

As he looks forward to taking office on the St Augustine City Commission, candidate Rhey Palmer has announced that he has stepped down from his duties as president of The Neighborhood Council of St. Augustine, Inc.

According to the January 1, 2013 annual report, Palmer led the Florida Non-Profit Corporation for the past three-years.

The purpose for the Neighborhood Council, according to the Articles originally filed on September 29, 2003, is the promotion, maintenance, and enhancement of the quality, stability, and vitality of the residential neighborhoods of the City of St Augustine.

“We always welcomed and were happy to assist in the formation of additional neighborhood associations located within the St. Augustine City limits,” Palmer said. “To accomplish its purposes, the Council would research and take positions on issues affecting all residential neighborhoods and collected and disseminated information to stimulate awareness and interest in those issues.”

Although the Neighborhood Council works in a positive and cooperative way with City; it may present opposition, or support for legislative or administrative change in order to accomplish neighborhood goals. The Council will not endorse political parties.

The Council is a non-profit organization officially recognized by the City and organized by the residents to assist in the dissemination of information on issues that are important to the wellbeing of the City.

For further information Palmer invites residents to contact the new president of The Neighborhood Council of St. Augustine, Melinda Rakoncay, at (904) 806-3849.

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