Hastings dissolution ordinance will go to voters

During a meeting tonight of the Town of Hastings, commission members voted 4-1 in favor of directing the Town Attorney to prepare an ordinance to appear on the ballot allowing Hastings voters to decide whether or not to dissolve the incorporated city.

Commissioner Kim Lewis-Felder was the sole dissenting vote against creating an ordinance that, if approved, will allow residents of Hastings to vote on whether to dissolve the town.

There will be a first reading of the ordinance at the next meeting of the Hastings commission, followed by a second reading, public hearing, and final action at a later date.

One of the anticipated savings to Hastings taxpayers is a reduction in their monthly cost for water and other services purchased directly from St Johns County.  As an unincorporated area within the county, they will no longer pay substantial service charges.

County Administrator Michael Wanchick says that, if the ordinance passes creating the ballot referendum, the Utility Department will research specific water rates and announce that information before voters have to make their decision at the polls.  In the interim, the County has provided general information regarding the effect of dissolving the town.

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