Judge Maltz sentences Sean Alonzo Bush to death

Executive Director Bryan L. Shorstein informed local Historic City News reporters that after previously being convicted at trial of the first-degree murder of Nicole Elise Bush with a firearm as well as armed assault during the burglary of the dwelling, and the prior death sentence recommendation of the jury, the Honorable Judge Howard M. Maltz sentenced Sean Alonzo Bush to death today in St. Augustine.

The 48-year-old Bush formerly lived at 5142 Attleboro St in Jacksonville, however, he has been in custody since his arrest.

Previously the jury found five aggravating factors applied to Bush in the commission of his crimes that qualified him for the death penalty:

1) defendant convicted of a prior violent felony for attempting to kill his ex-wife via electrocution
2) defendant committed homicide during commission of burglary
3) defendant committed the homicide for financial gain
4) the crime was heinous, atrocious and cruel
5) the crime was cold, calculated and premeditated

“The death penalty is reserved for the worst of the worst,” State Attorney RJ Larizza told reporters. “The exceptionally deranged and brutal murder committed by Sean Bush absolutely fits within this category. A sentence of death was the only reasonable and appropriate punishment for this crime.”

The Honorable Judge Howard M. Maltz presided over the case prosecuted by Assistant State Attorneys Mark Johnson and Jennifer Dunton of the Homicide Unit. Bush will be remanded to the custody of the Florida Department of Corrections for the execution of his sentence.