Letter: Thankful for St Augustine Fire Department

Letter: Thankful for St Augustine Fire Department

Denice Altman
Antiques & Uniques Collectibles
St Augustine, FL

Dear Historic City News editor:

I was sitting behind the desk in the front of our store on Aviles Street when the lights started flickering and finally went out with a very loud explosion.

The next thing I hear is the landlord screaming to his children “FIRE!! Get out!!”

I cannot believe that everyone in St. Augustine’s Historic district’s worst nightmare is happening to me. I begin to pray aloud, “Dear God, please let this fire be something manageable.”

I get Buddy (our dog) and myself out of the store. I go around the back the and find the main electrical lead wire going into the building is burning.

The landlord had already called St. Augustine Fire Department. It was hard to believe, but they were here in what seemed like seconds. They extinguished the fire in minutes. I thank them all.

Now, the “what if’s” are boundless and I am so glad the landlord was here. The power flickers here a lot. I would have never thought to look at the wires. We could have been closed or maybe it could have happened at night when no one is around.

When you believe and know that God watches over us all you surely must believe in miracles. I am humbled.